45 countries visited on six continents in ten years of travel.


At Full of Wander you will find photography from over 45 countries, wandered through over ten years of travel.

In additional to photography you can also read about new and exciting places that we have discovered along the way. Some regular tourist spots, others recommended by local people who have proudly shared their country’s hidden gems with us as we passed through.

If you’re interested in the equipment we use check the information below, or view our guide on how to get started in aerial photography.

If you have any questions about anywhere we have featured please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Canon 7D


Which photographic equipment to take on a trip is a common question. Here we discuss kit for landscapes, kit for portraits and what you should always carry no matter what.

Photographic Equipment


What kit to take with you when wandering is also a common question. Here we discuss everything that we never leave the house without. If we take it with us, it’s listed here.

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